About Classics for Kindle

Classics for Kindle is a one-man project that grew out of the frustration that many of the classic works available on the Kindle store are bad quality, poorly formatted for Kindle devices, or even contain the wrong content.

I love the convenience of using a Kindle, but when I started getting interested in the classic works available to us, I was often disappointed. Some of the reading experiences weren’t as smooth as I had gotten used to with modern books backed by professional editors and publishers. The drop that spilled the cup was when I bought an e-book that contained content that had nothing to do with the title even though it had multiple 5-star reviews.

I got a refund, reported the book, and decided that if Amazon wasn’t going to stand for the quality of the content they’re selling, I’d have to do it myself.

So here we are, I’m releasing classics available in the public domain specifically formatted for Kindle, and I’m conveniently naming it “Classics for Kindle”. That way I can be certain that I have the reading experience I have come to expect from Kindle and I can share it with everyone who feels the same.

I’m putting many hours of my free time into this project so I’m not putting these e-books on the Kindle store for free. I feel that what I ask is not much at all. People who like quality and a comfortable reading experience, like me, are willing to pay that small fee. Buying one of these ”Classics for Kindle” will compensate me a bit for my work and keep me motivated to continue.